Project impacts and benefits

This project is in line with specific UN requirements because it contributes to local environmental sustainability, since recycling instead of using material from virgin inputs decreases the overall energy use, CO2 emissions and environmental burden caused by natural resources extraction. At the same time, PET waste recycling reduces the amount of waste to be disposed in the landfill.

What makes the project special?

Apart from the economic benefits of reducing pollution in terms of CO2 emissions and plastic waste, the Project has other important economic and social benefits:

  • The Project has a well-proven, fair and reliable production process and a state-of-art technology. The high performant innovative quality output products out from waste are recycled PET flakes, PET strap, polyester staple fiber made of 100% recycled PET flakes
  • Job creation and improved working conditions where the project is located (Buzau, Iasi, Urziceni, Frasinu/Romania ): GreenTech and GreenFiber have 1142 employees, being the biggest employer in Buzau city, offering employment to many people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Gender equality approach, women being promoted in management position, including top management
  • Development of local technological capacity. The manpower and the technical maintenance are provided domestically in the country
  • Contributes to the local and social community development: Green Group promotes training classes on environment and recycling in the schools in the region and shares its expertise with the local municipality of Buzau and other local municipalities to create circular cities (Circular Economy partnerships)
  • It contributes to a large extent to the local municipalities’ funds for social insurance, such as health and pension funds, and to local and social community development.